4 comments on “The Life of a Lakota Brave Hearts Warrior

  1. This is so intersting. So a man (and a woman, I suppose) were expected to enter a society. Was this a free choice? Or were there expectations about what society a person should join? Was the membership for life, or would a person change society in accord to their age?

    • Thank you for your comment. Some Societies allowed a man to enter it by choice. However, others could only be entered if invited by their members, and some were restricted and only entered if you were an elder (older age and experianced) within the camp.
      – A man could change his society, but if he entered it via the vision he had through the animal spirits, then he had to stay in that Society. An example would be if a man or women had a visit from the Bear Spirit, the were to spend their life as a healer.
      – If a man died in battle, his wife would take his place in her husbands Society. She would go into battle as her husband did. She was considered by the enemy as more powerful than the men. This was because the enemy felt that if she were to be in her menstruation, then all of the enemy’s power and strength would be eliminated, so they would run from her, never wanting her to touch them.
      Hope this makes scene. In the coming months i will be talking about more Lakota Societies which i hope you will enjoy also.

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